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Princess Ana of Arendelle, 17. Brazil. Multi-fandom madness. Cassie Clare's characters are my babies. The Hunger Games ruined my life. Everything Riordan writes is better than you. No one loves Paramore more than I do. Disney makes me get very emotional.
Apr 2014
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"Hooo hoooo!"

Apr 2014
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*muffled screaming*

Apr 2014
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get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite actresses — Angelina Jolie

I have never understood why some people are lucky enough to be born with the chance that I had, to have this path in life, and why, across the world, there is a woman just like me, with the same abilities and the same desires, same work ethic and love for her family, who would most likely make better films and better speeches. Only she sits in a refugee camp, and she has no voice.
Apr 2014
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Emma Stone, outside the BBC Radio 1 studios, London 

Apr 2014
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Dany Game of Thrones fanart! Just the costume I imagined her wearing in the book.

Apr 2014
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No Doubt tour 2009 x

Apr 2014
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Sam’s scared faces

Apr 2014
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Apr 2014
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Don’t act like you wouldn’t do the same

Apr 2014
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The rest of the space is going to be pretty pissed when they see this. 

did you google how to take a screen shot

Apr 2014
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Apr 2014
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Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty
Apr 2014
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"Tem que ter cor em algum lugar… Sempre! E hoje foi na boca! […] É um batom que nem existe. Fui a uma loja de maquiagem (em Nova York) e disse que queria um batom azul, mas eles não tinham. Mas disseram que poderiam fazer um especialmente para mim.” - Bruna Linzmeyer

Apr 2014
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Jennifer Lawrence arrives at ‘Good Morning America’ in NYC, 21.04.2014
Apr 2014
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this little girl was the adorbable ♡ 
(almost as cute as ‘pwincess cathwine’)